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"I'm grateful to Dr.K.N.Satish, Chairman of K.N.N College of Nursing and our dean for their support in helping me complete my course with flying colours, as well as providing me a job in Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore"

-Bhavya K.G.
"K.N.N has given me a golden opportunity to work for Columbia Asia, the best hospital in India, with a very high salary. I'm thankful to K.N.N for the same. My outlook towards nursing has now changed since I'm more confident of myself"

-Nishad Ebrahim
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About KNN College and School of Nursing

KNN Nursing College, BangaloreThe idea of establishing this institute gained strength when Mr. K.N. Nagaraj, from whom KNN derives its name, was touched by the dedication and commitment of the nurses who assisted him when he was ailing, weeks before his demise. He expressed his desire to contribute in some way to the nursing community in general. Subsequently, Dr. K.N. Satish took the initiative to establish a premier institute for nursing in memory of his late father.

Since its establishment in 2004, KNN has endeavored to serve the cause of enhancing the nursing infrastructure in the country, not by merely following the established standards for nursing education, but by developing unique ways in which the quality of nursing is enhanced even while giving the greatest benefit to students in their careers.

A primary factor that has influenced this success is the innovation that has been put in place with regard to training and placements. Unlike other conventional approaches, KNN has a strong focus on training and the professional development of students in order to meet the global standards of healthcare. This will also help in fulfilling the personal passions of students in serving the community to the best extent possible.


A class in progress at KNN School & College of Nursing, BangaloreWe endeavor to deliver high quality training, showing concern for students’ emotional and spiritual needs as well as their safety. It is our desire to serve the nursing community diligently and responsibly. Our aim is to provide high quality comprehensive training consequently improving the overall standards of nursing in the country.


We are committed to establish this institution as the finest destination for nursing education. We are keen to make its graduates the most sought after for their in-depth knowledge, efficient and unflinching clinical training and their highly refined sense of ethical obligations. Through these efforts, the brand of KNN will reach even greater heights in the future.


KNN School & College of Nursing, Bangalore is one of the top nursing colleges in India.
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