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"I'm grateful to Dr.K.N.Satish, Chairman of K.N.N College of Nursing and our dean for their support in helping me complete my course with flying colours, as well as providing me a job in Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore"

-Bhavya K.G.
"K.N.N has given me a golden opportunity to work for Columbia Asia, the best hospital in India, with a very high salary. I'm thankful to K.N.N for the same. My outlook towards nursing has now changed since I'm more confident of myself"

-Nishad Ebrahim
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Management of KNN School & College of Nursing, Bangalore
The Institute, since its inception in 2004, has been relentlessly contributing to the healthcare industry. All our alumni have enhanced the reputation of the Institute as an inspiring source of the most carefully trained professionals. Their achievements in academics, in their careers and in the overall dynamics as professionals, is unparalleled and without precedent.

A tangible source of strength for the popularity of KNN is the management team led by Dr. K.N. Satish. The people behind the Institute carefully involve themselves with every bit of its functioning and are in close supervision of the day-to-day operations at KNN. The faculty is carefully selected for their caliber and this can be seen in the achievements that each of the faculty has to his or her credit. The involvement of the Management into the welfare of the students lends support to the students that will leave them with quality time for their education, and assures the families of students that their wards are in careful and responsible hands.

KNN has been able to maintain this position by innovatively redefining the tasks and challenges of the future of nursing in India. As we accommodate the demand from society for the highest level of care when it comes to healthcare services, we need to look towards providing training to healthcare professionals in a similar fashion. The present scenario in the industry is not very promising and it has been our intention to change this outlook. In order to do so, we have ventured into a type of education that has a closer proximity with the healthcare industry through our various collaborations, mainly with Columbia-Asia Hospitals, which in a very short period of time has established itself a reputation of providing the highest level of care. We hope that our success will inspire other Institutes to transform their outlook as well.

I have come to appreciate the enormous potential of the KNN community, with a mixed feeling of pride and humility. I am proud to lead this inspiring institution, and I believe that our dedication, sense of duty and belief in our selves as a collective will strengthen our purpose and contribute to success in all our future endeavors.”

M.B.B.S.; M.D., M.N.A.M.S., F.I.C.A., F.C.C.P 


The Management Team

The core of the Management team comprises of Mr. K.N. Rangaswamy, Mr. Preetam Satish and Mr. Babu Doraiswamy under the leadership of Dr. K.N. Satish.

Dr. K. N. Satish, who is the Chairman of Sushruta Medical Trust, that operates KNN College of Nursing, is a renowned physician in Bangalore and is actively involved with the healthcare and medical and para-medical education scenario in Bangalore. Dr. Satish is an alumnus of some of the best institutions for medical education. After obtaining his MBBS degree from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, he went on to procure his post graduation degree, MD in General Medicine, from JJM Medical College, Davangere. Thereafter, he was involved with Cook County Hospital, Chicago and the University Hospital, Saskatchewan, Canada, wherein he received a Fellowship in Cardiology. Since then, Dr. Satish has dedicated himself towards enriching the academic and healthcare standards in Bangalore. He has been involved as a Professor and as a Physician with various hospitals and institutes, including St. Johns Medical College and Hospital, M.S. Ramaiah Medical College and Hospital, Ambedkar General Hospital and Vydehi Institute of Medicine. He is a renowned academician and has given various lectures, especially with regard to HIV-AIDS, at various national and international symposia. Dr. Satish established a modest 80-bedded hospital in Yelahanka New Town, more than a decade back, in order to cater to the healthcare requirements of the local area, and this hospital has garnered the affection and patronage of the locals. His skills as a passionate observer of the best management and ethical practices are widely noted. Dr. Satish is an exponent on the healthcare and education scenario and for this, the Government of Karnataka and other private organizations have awarded Dr. Satish with laurels and distinctions.

Mr. K.N. Rangaswamy is a widely respected personality in the field of education in Bangalore and has been an inspiration for KNN since its inception. He is also a trustee and President of Vidya Mandir Trust, which runs one of the best school and college in Bangalore. Vidya Mandir started its educational institutions more than 40 years back and it currently nourishes the bright minds of more than 3000 selected students. Mr. Rangaswamy has been closely connected with running educational institutions for more than 35 years now. Mr. Rangaswamy has been a foremost builder and developer of properties and has to his credit built several of Bangalore’s landmarks. His drive for life exemplified by his strong support for philanthropy through the years has earned him a very respectable status in Bangalore. He has been working closely with the Lions Club in Bangalore for several years and has held many important positions with the Club.

Mr. Preetam Satish is responsible for the excellent growth of KNN through the years. He has infused the Institute with a driving force and set the trajectory for its future growth. He has to his credit a Bachelor of Engineering degree from a reputed Engineering College in Karnataka and an executive degree in Management from IIM Calcutta. The proposed projects would stand to greatly benefit from Mr. Preetam Satish’s vision and proficient executive skills.

Mr. Babu Doraiswamy is an Industrial and Production Engineer with over 15 years of experience. Since the last 8 years, Mr. Babu Doraiswamy has been actively involved with the education scenario in Bangalore in various senior administrative positions. He is deeply involved with the operations at Vidya Mandir Institutions and at KNN Nursing College and has been a source of strength for KNN for several years. Mr. Babu Doraiswamy is a pro-active person with a wide network of association with various players in the education scenario in Bangalore.


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